Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

Well, what a beautiful Easter we had. I am sad that we weren't able to get a family picture. But with an active little girl like we have her mostly white Easter outfit didn't stay clean long enough after church for us to get one. LOL. That is just the way it goes. After all the chocolate comes out I think we will have my cousin Kendra try and get a picture of us. I did how ever get a picture of Juliana and I right before the egg hunt started in our not so Sunday best. So at least that is something.

This is what the Easter Bunny left at our house!!! To the left you will see what was waiting for me (Gilmore Girls 7th season that was one smart bunny to know that is the only season I am missing) in the middle with all of the good loot you will see Juliana's (in there is Fox and the Hound which she has already made us watch a few times) and Mike's is on the right (with National Treasure). I guess we are a movie family. LOL.
That is Juliana excited about the Dr. Seuss book "Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!" That is one happy grin.
Here is Juliana finding her special Juliana egg!!!!
Wow, look at all those eggs!!! Did you leave any for the other kids?
And here is the darling group of cousins at the egg hunt!!!! We are really going to miss these guys when we move. Don't they all look so sweet. Of course mine is the only one not in her Easter Clothes!!!!! But I am not sad about it. We will just have to stage a few pictures later.
The day was so beautiful!!! Warm and sunny. We were able to celebrate with my Uncle Cliff and Aunt Kathy and my cousins. It was so much fun!!! We had a beautiful dinner and amazing deserts. It was such a great day!!! I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Boyd Park!!!

On Monday Juliana and I went on a walk to the library to take some books back. Juliana was so excited to get some new books. Well on our way there I noticed that there was a park that I hadn't ever notice before. I got really excited because I haven't found parks that close by. But, I didn't say anything to Juliana about it because I wasn't sure there would be enough time to go after the library. We walked the rest of the was to the library and I notice that on Monday's the library doesn't open until 1 pm. It was only 10:30. Juliana was crushed. She started to cry and I felt so bad. But, then I told her that I had a special surprise for her but it was only for happy girls. I walked her over to the park and it was amazing. This darling castle theme. I was so happy that we found it. And within walking distance too....well for me, I have to push her in the stroller (to many big hills).

So, today I decided that we should go to the library and get some new books and on our way home I told her we could go to the park and have a picnic lunch. She was thrilled. I made PB&J's for both of us and packed a small lunch and off for our outing we went. She had a blast and I brought my camera so I could show all of you my great find. She played for about 1 1/2 hrs. And when I got her home she wanted to read one of her new books and go right down for a nap. I am so glad that she is still such a good napper. I don't know what I would do without them. I am sure I will be finding out soon enough. LOL.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of her playing at the park. She really had a good time. And it was beautiful today...spring rocks!!!!

Queen of her castle!!!

Having so much fun on the slide...sit on your dumb before you go down I am yelling out to her. LOL.

The dragon springy toy that she adores. And a picnic lunch in the sun...I actually got to lay on that blanket for a good 30 mins and watch her play after lunch. It was very nice.

Anyway, I hope that all of you had as beautiful of a day as we did here. I couldn't have imagined it any better.

*****Edit: on a side note...I just looked in the mirror and realized that all of my basking in the sun has led to a sunburn. That is what I get for bragging about our weather. LOL

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I love Satruday Mornings!!!

Don't these look good!!!! This was a little treat that I made for breakfast this morning. It was this Baked Doughnut recipe (Oh and I actually cut the 2/3 cup of sugar down to 1/3 cup). Next time I am going to use whole wheat flour. They were very tasty but let me tell you...unless you are cooking for a croud cut the recipe in half. It makes a ton and they are so good hot that you just have to eat them. We had so many that I brought some to 2 of our neighbors. They were still piping hot on the plate when I took them over to them. But still there are some on my kitchen table and I really need them to just go away!!!!! Juliana had a lot of fun rolling them out even though it got a little hard because she didn't want any help with it and I was really wanting to get them in the oven. LOL.
This is her punching out the hearts. Doesn't she look happy. Anytime I let her help me in the kitchen she gets so excited. She just loves being a little helper.

I think I have decided that these are a special occasion breakfast only. I don't think they are a good thing to have in our house often.

I hope that all of you had a great morning too.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Have you ever had one of those days????

So, today was just one of those days...

You know the days when you wake up late and actually have somewhere important that you need to go and nothing goes smoothly and you end up getting out of your house 10 mins late and then you hit traffic and it seems like nothing else can go wrong....

Well, I am here to tell you that it really can get worse. LOL.

So, I was having just such a morning. Fridays Juliana has school. We were so late and Juliana just wasn't making it easy. I had to leave home without eating breakfast and I was really trying to get myself to her school as close to on time as possible and we were less than 5 mins away when I was at a stop sign and the lady behind me rear ended me. It was really mild really no damage but when I got out of the car the first words out of the ladies mouth was "I done thought you'd gone already." I looked at her and said "Well I hadn't, I was waiting for the car to pass before I went." Then I asked her for her insurance and she got huffy with me and said, "But there's no damage!" and I said "Yes, but you just hit me and I need your insurance info." She said that she wanted my insurance info. And I told her that I didn't need to give her my info because it wasn't my fault. But, I went to my car and got my insurance card out. I walked back to her car and she still wouldn't give me her insurance. So I got mad and I said a "BAD" word...some thing like, "Just give me your darn insurance info." Only I didn't say darn. And then she started freaking out becasue I was being rude. Well in the mean time I called my hubby. I was mad and she said she wanted to talk to him. So I handed the phone to her and she ended up telling Mike that she wanted our insurance so that she could have our insurance pay for her damage...Hello, I wasn't at fault!! She Hit me!!! And then she hung up on him. So I called him back and he said to call the police.

Right then my wonderful Uncle (my Dad's twin brother) came driving past. I waved him down and he came and sat with me until the Police arived and made it so I didn't freak out on the dumb lady. It was so very frusterating. I mean really there wasn't enough damage to really do anything about it, but I worked in the Insurance Industry for long enough to know that you always get the other person's insurance info.

By the time we left, there was only about 30 mins left of Juliana's school so I told her that I didn't think we could go and she cried and cried because she wanted to see Teacher Rose. I felt bad so we swung by the school mostly to tell them why were weren't their and we ended up going in and staying for the last part of class. It made Juliana feel better and truth be told it was probably better for me because it made it so I didn't have to drive home angry.

Amazing Giveaway

So, thanks to my darling sister, I found this amazing blog give away!!!!! I am so excited. It is for a free quilt. Why don't you all pop over there and enter. All you have to do is enter a comment. How easy is that? Really all of you need to get yourselves over there and enter this amazing give away. It is in celebration of her 200th post!!!
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

What a ham!!!

OK, so my cousin Kendra was so great a few weeks and watched Juliana for me while I had class. She has a lot going on that day and was my lifesaver as she took Juliana along with her 4 kids to her ward variety show that she was in charge of. Anyway. She just sent me these pictures of Juliana and her son Owen and I thought it was so cute. It looks like they are really jamming out. I guess they put on quite a show and who knows they might have some tour dates soon. My little Dramatic daughter probably really enjoyed being this kind of center of attention.

To me this looks like she is kissing everyone good night. I laughed out loud when I saw it.

Encore, encore!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An Early Easter Egg Hunt!!!

So, our primary already had their Easter Egg Hunt. Of course it was on the one weekend when Mike was out of town in the last year. But, we had a good time. Juliana loved it and she was so proud of herself. I was so glad that the Primary Presidency didn't put candy in the eggs. It was great. They put sticker, crayons, mini coloring books, colored pencils, and easter easers. Juliana was of course one of the biggest kids in the nursery group, but she was very kind and didn't try and get any eggs that other kids were going for. I was very proud of her. I can't believe just how big she is getting. It really is unreal.

Here are a few more pic's that I thought were cute.