Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An Early Easter Egg Hunt!!!

So, our primary already had their Easter Egg Hunt. Of course it was on the one weekend when Mike was out of town in the last year. But, we had a good time. Juliana loved it and she was so proud of herself. I was so glad that the Primary Presidency didn't put candy in the eggs. It was great. They put sticker, crayons, mini coloring books, colored pencils, and easter easers. Juliana was of course one of the biggest kids in the nursery group, but she was very kind and didn't try and get any eggs that other kids were going for. I was very proud of her. I can't believe just how big she is getting. It really is unreal.

Here are a few more pic's that I thought were cute.


Erika said...

I love that first picture! We are having our Easter Egg hunt this weekend and I'm pretty excited. :)