Saturday, March 15, 2008

I love Satruday Mornings!!!

Don't these look good!!!! This was a little treat that I made for breakfast this morning. It was this Baked Doughnut recipe (Oh and I actually cut the 2/3 cup of sugar down to 1/3 cup). Next time I am going to use whole wheat flour. They were very tasty but let me tell you...unless you are cooking for a croud cut the recipe in half. It makes a ton and they are so good hot that you just have to eat them. We had so many that I brought some to 2 of our neighbors. They were still piping hot on the plate when I took them over to them. But still there are some on my kitchen table and I really need them to just go away!!!!! Juliana had a lot of fun rolling them out even though it got a little hard because she didn't want any help with it and I was really wanting to get them in the oven. LOL.
This is her punching out the hearts. Doesn't she look happy. Anytime I let her help me in the kitchen she gets so excited. She just loves being a little helper.

I think I have decided that these are a special occasion breakfast only. I don't think they are a good thing to have in our house often.

I hope that all of you had a great morning too.


Stacy & Mark said...

How fun!! Bryanna is the same way, anytime I let her help in the kitchen, its her cup of tea! They would be such fun play mates, too bad you live in another state!!

Nicole said...

So cute!! I was out of yeast, so my plans were delayed......but we are doing hearts too.....and I think 1/2 whole wheat.

Erika said...

WOW! You went all out. The most I do in the mornings is waffles from a mix. Baby Dragon likes to sit on the counter and "help" any time I'm cooking too.

Sasha said...

ALL I can say is YUMMY!