Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Halloween week....

Halloween was really fun this year but I thought that we were going to miss it. On Tuesday Juliana woke up with a low fever and I wasn't all that worried. But she was dragging then she started saying that her stomach hurt. I asked her if she wanted to go lie down and take a nap (I thought she was just being dramatic and this normally will snap her out of it) and she said that she did. She lay down and slept for over 2 hours. She woke up with a very high fever (104.6) and I got a little nervous. I call her doctor’s office and left a message. I gave her some medicine and by the time her doctor called back her temp had gone down a few degrees but she was just lethargic on the floor. He doctor told me to come down right away. As soon as I hung up the phone she started throwing up all over the carpet and her blanket. So I just stripped her down got us both re-dressed and grabbed a puke bowl and jumped in the car. She threw up once in the doctor’s office but, that was it. Her fever went down and she was fine. While in the doctor’s office I had said that I was really sad because our church was doing a Halloween party the next day and now she was going to miss it. The doctor said that she thought it was just a 24 hr bug and as long as she was feeling good the next day that she would be fine to go. So we were very happy and she had a blast at our wards Trunk-or-treat. It really was fun. And it kicked off our Halloween!!!!! Here are a few pictures. We went as a family of Robots and I made all of our costumes. I think that the costume was much cuter on Juliana than on Mike and me. But, it worked for us to.
Here she is at the Trunk-or-Treat!!!! She was very proud to be a robot. I think she looked so cute.
Here she is again...there were so many activities that he just got so excited and wanted to do everything. I think she tired everything but the cake walk.

Mike is trying to show her how to Mini Golf. She did pretty good.
Here she is trying it on her own. She thinks she is a big girl.
Here we are together. I never get pictures with her because I am always the one behind the camera (and truth be told I don't like having my picture taken).
Juliana and Daddy playing Tic-Tac-Toe.
This is Thursday at our Library's story time. She is with her best friend. They have so much fun together. Her Robot costume was in need of some repair so she wore her last years Gold Fish costume for the day.
This is us on Halloween night. We took Juliana to the Police station where they had bags of candy for the kids and pizza and games. It was fun. Then we went over to our friends house to have a party. It was lots of fun and I felt like we really got into the Halloween spirit.