Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

Well, what a beautiful Easter we had. I am sad that we weren't able to get a family picture. But with an active little girl like we have her mostly white Easter outfit didn't stay clean long enough after church for us to get one. LOL. That is just the way it goes. After all the chocolate comes out I think we will have my cousin Kendra try and get a picture of us. I did how ever get a picture of Juliana and I right before the egg hunt started in our not so Sunday best. So at least that is something.

This is what the Easter Bunny left at our house!!! To the left you will see what was waiting for me (Gilmore Girls 7th season that was one smart bunny to know that is the only season I am missing) in the middle with all of the good loot you will see Juliana's (in there is Fox and the Hound which she has already made us watch a few times) and Mike's is on the right (with National Treasure). I guess we are a movie family. LOL.
That is Juliana excited about the Dr. Seuss book "Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!" That is one happy grin.
Here is Juliana finding her special Juliana egg!!!!
Wow, look at all those eggs!!! Did you leave any for the other kids?
And here is the darling group of cousins at the egg hunt!!!! We are really going to miss these guys when we move. Don't they all look so sweet. Of course mine is the only one not in her Easter Clothes!!!!! But I am not sad about it. We will just have to stage a few pictures later.
The day was so beautiful!!! Warm and sunny. We were able to celebrate with my Uncle Cliff and Aunt Kathy and my cousins. It was so much fun!!! We had a beautiful dinner and amazing deserts. It was such a great day!!! I couldn't have asked for a better day.


Stacy & Mark said...

I love all the pics!! your hair is so pretty and long!! Juliana looks like she had a wonderful time with the egg hunt!!! You are a talented photographer.

Karley said...

That was a fun day! It's been amazing having you here. Alayna and I are going to miss you guys terribly when you leave. But who knows...maybe you'll get 2 crazy visitors wherever you end up!

Stacy & Mark said...

K, so I've been waiting for another post from you. I figure you must be so busy, but I'm dying for an update!! hope to see a post soon:)