Sunday, April 13, 2008

An anniversary, a new hair cut, and a fun saturday at the park!

So, Thursday was Mike and my 4th anniversary!!! Wow!!! LOL.

We really had a good day. Mike had a conference in the city and he got out early. So, Juliana and I headed to the East Bay to pick Mike up at the Bart station. We ended up walking around for a while window shopping just enjoying the beautiful weather and eachother. It was so nice.

While we were out we walked past a little salon and I told Mike that I really wanted to get my hair cut. He said that I could if I wanted to. So, I turned around and walked in to see if they had any appointments open. They did!!! I sent Mike and Juliana off so they wouldn't get to board waiting for me and got right in. I told the girl that I wanted to cut my hair off. She just looked at me and I said "I really do want to cut my hair off!". I told her what I was wanting and asked her oppinion and right before she started she asked me if I was sure. And I assured her that I was indeed sure. Then when she took the clippers out so cut the back of my hair she stopped again to make sure I was really ok with her cutting my hair so short. I again told her that I was sure and that I did know what I was getting myself into that I have cut my hair VERY short many times. It really didn't take that long and I got my hair cut shorter than Mike had ever seen it, but I am in love with it and I am not wondering why I tooks so long to get my hair cut. I love my hair short and I really do think I look better with short hair.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of how it turned out.

Yesterday as a family we went to the park and had a picnic. Juliana had such a good time. And I was so glad that Mike was able to be there for once. I always feel so bad that he never really gets the opportunity to go do the fun activities with Juliana because I normally take her while he is a work.

Of course she was dying to play on the park equipment, but it was so hot outside that we only did that for a little bit.
The rest of the trip we had fun in the grass. She really as a hard time blowing bubbles. She puts the want up to her mouth and in turn the bubbles get on her mouth before she is able to blow.
Juliana has so much fun with her Daddy!!!
I really thought this picture was so cute!!! They are so cute together.

We really had fun with the bubbles!!! The park was so beautiful I didn't want to leave.
Oh sweet Juliana. I can't believe how big she is. She will be 3 in less than 2 weeks!!!
Who doesn't love chasing bubbles....
Mike and Juliana had fun racing... Juliana loves to say "On your mark get set GO!!!" But, normally she starts to run before she gets the "GO" out.
We really did have a great day and a great week!!! Lets hope it continues on through this week because I have procrastinated my homework and now I have a ton to do by my Tueseday night class!!!! Why do I always do that?


Stacy & Mark said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I remember all the drama right before, and I'm so glad you guys made it to your big day, and that the honeymoon plans still kept!! 4 years went by fast:) And Happy Birthday to Juliana!! Our little babies are 3 this month, oh my goodness!!

I love all the pictures, so cute, and your hair cut is you!! way to be bold and brave with the scissors. Love it.

Stacy & Mark said...

K, so I would LOVE that shrimp scampi recipe...sounds delicious! And share with any other good recipes you have too! You know, I still make and LOVE that yummy salad you brought over for dinner before you guys moved...those candied pecans are one of my favorite things to snack on:)

Scott&Mal said...

Cute hair and happy anniversary!!

meg & rich said...

NATALIE! How are you! I'm so glad you found my blog!! Where did you connect to it from! It's amazing how much this whole blogging thing is like a big huge web. How fun! It looks like you and your little fam have been busy! I love the Bay area and I'm jealous that you have been able to live there! And now ALABAMA! Wow!! What adventures you will have!
I just have to say, your little Juliana looks just like a NUZMAN! I don't think any of her daddy's genes got in there! She is darling!
Okay, I am using WAY to many exclamation points!!!! I am just so excited to reconnect with you! I'm totally adding you to my friends links!! (see there I go with more exclamation points)

Mandy said...

Juliana is cuter with every picture, don't you think? Of course. You're the mom!

You'll love Alabama. We lived in Georgia about two and a half hours from Birmingham and you'll love the open attitude of Southerners and the fantastic BBQ. Don't worry about the summers. You just stay inside in the AC just we stay inside by the heater like we do in Utah winters.

Great to hear from you and see what your beautiful family is up to!

Jeremy and Taren said...

Happy Anniversary. Love the new hair!!!