Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swimming Lessons at the YMCA!!!

In February we joined the YMCA here in Birmingham. We were able to get a great scholarship and it included child care. I was very excited that I was going to be able to start getting in shape. Within a few days of joining I found out about their swimming lessons and because I have a great fear of water I thought it would be a really good idea for me to start Juliana in swimming lessons. So I enrolled her in swimming. And it has been such a great experience. She has loved it and I have really watched her grow in so many ways. She seems to have more confidence in herself and I love to see just how proud she gets of her accomplishments. After her first session in February we decide that we would put her in for another session, and then another and then another. Today was her last swimming lesson after 4 months of having them 2 times a week. And I am truly amazed at how far she has come. I am really proud of her and all of her hard work and I look forward to the fall when we will enroll her again. We took her out for the summer because the classes get so full and I would rather have her in a class that has 3 to 4 kids rather than 6 to 8. As for the summer, tomorrow she starts T-Ball through the YMCA. I am just loving this membership not only for Juliana and all the possibilities it has for her but for me also. I have been going to the gym about 5 times a week and I am making great progress in losing weight and getting in shape. I feel great!!!!

So I thought I would recap the last 4 months of lessons in a few pictures and video's. Sorry there are so many pictures but remember this is a 32 lesson recap!!!

First swimming lesson. Sitting on the wall getting them all excited to get in the water.

Miss Katie helping Juliana with her form.

Jumping off the wall for the first time...very scary.

Teaching her how to use her "swim arms".

All of them kicking at the wall.

As the lessons move forward Juliana is getting better at her form but still can't do it on her own.

Juliana really enjoying the float bar and learning to kick her legs strong enough to keep herself afloat.
Here she goes without her teacher and she is really moving now!!!

Here she is swimming on her own the whole length of the pool!!!!

Kicking her feet out of the water and keeping her body up more...she can really move!!!

Floating on her back and getting ready to swim on her back. (She still struggles with this)

Talking to Miss Katie about what she wants to do next.

Swimming with her chin in the water so that she can get use to her face in the water.

She looks so proud of herself...I love that look!!!!

Here is a video of her first attempts at swimming on her own at the beginning of her second session. I was so proud of her and now I look back and it is funny to me.

And this is her now!!!! I wonder if a year from now I will look back and how she is swimming in this and laugh. But I think she is doing so great and I am very proud of her. I know we will miss swimming lessons in the next few months but come September we will be ready to go. And for now T-Ball here we come!!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date

Last night our primary put on a Daddy Daughter Date. Juliana was so excited. She was talking about it for weeks and yesterday it was all she could think about. I got her all dolled up!!! I bathed her and rolled her hair in sponge rollers for the first time!!! I painted her finger nails and toe nails and she loved it.

I was really worried that her hair wouldn't dry in time because she hates when I use the blow dryer on her and I put it up in rollers so late but for the most part it worked (with a lot of hair spray). The front ones were still damp but I made it work.

This is Juliana all dress up and ready to go!!!

Here is the back of her hair.

Can you tell she is excited!!!!

They had a really good time!!! They had mac and cheese for dinner and ice cream and brownies for desert. And there was dancing!!!! Juliana was in heaven...she even got to say the closing prayer and that is one of her favorite things!!!! They gave the Dad's a rose to give their daughters and they had a slide show of pictures of the girls with their Dad's. And they also had each Dad write a letter to their daughter. It was really sweet. Juliana came home beaming with joy.

I think they both look very happy.

Here they are ready for their date. Aren't they so cute!!!

Here is the letter that Mike wrote to her:


You are the most wonderful girl in my entire world. I love it in the morning when you come out to give me hugs and kisses. I love when you sing your primary songs with excitement. I am proud of how well you swim. I love that you love reading and learning. I love that you need your "all together" hugs at night before bed. I love that you are so independent and know what you want. I love that you always want to play games. I love when I come home and you want to hug me and spend time with me. You are my special daughter. I love you.



I thought is was so sweet and Juliana treasures the letter...I think she would have slept with it had I let her. I think that we are going to make Daddy Daughter Date night a once a month event. Mike told her that next time he wanted to teach her to play tennis. It was really fun to see them enjoy each other so much and it gives me a night to myself which is so great!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We are alive!!!!

Ok so it really has been way to long. I am so sorry about that. I just haven't felt like blogging much and I have been trying to limit my computer time. Anyway, I really don't have a good reason why it has been since Halloween that I last posted. But I am going to fix that. I am going to back date some posts and give you all a little update on us.

Anyway, March has been a good month so far. On the fist day of March we woke to a big surprise as we were getting ready for church.

It snowed in Birmingham!!!! I was really surprised. There really wasn't a lot but it closed the freeway and canceled church. So we had a fun family Sunday. Juliana was very excited and loved every second of it. It was a lot of fun!!!

The snow didn't last long at all but it was fun while it lasted.

This past weekend we wanted to find a fun family activity because it was so beautiful. So, we went to a Vulcan Park. It is actually right behind us...as in our back door opens to it. But you can't get in to the park from our back door and we just haven't ever made it there before. Mikes mom gave us a membership for Christmas so we drove over and ate lunch outside and then went into the museum and then up on the Vulcan (a very large staue). It was cool but Mike and I want to go back to the museum without Juliana so we can actually take time to look through it and read about all the history. The Vulcan actully made me nervious with Juliana. It was really high and I got a little paniced up there. The statue stays open until 10 pm and I think it would be really fun for Mike and I to go back on a date night and be able to look out over the city at night. Here are a few pictures of our fun family day.

And last but not least, Mike did a cute lesson for FHE last night on Latter Day Prophets. Juliana loves that song and Mike thought it would be a perfect lesson for her. She loved it and at the end I decided to record Juliana singing Latter Day Prophets. I think it is pretty cute and really good.