Friday, August 22, 2008

THE BIG 29!!!!!!

So today is my 29th birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!! I am here in Alabama and I am feeling a little home sick but, I am determined to have a good birthday. I woke up this morning early for some reason and I started my day by watching "Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog" just to make me laugh and to start off my day cheerful. And I got myself Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries for breakfast (I am such a child it is sad) and I told Mike that I want desert crepes for dinner (what is better than crepes filled with Nutella, strawberries and whipped cream????) He said that he would take care of the cake. Juliana got me an Itunes gift card (per my request and Mike got me a GPS so that I am not afraid to leave the house...I really have the worst possible sense of directions and every time we leave the house Mike asks if I know where we are or if I could get home and the answer is always NO!!!! So this should help to get me out and about more. Anyway, Mike started school on Monday so, when he gets home I hope we can have a relaxing rest of the weekend and that we can take advantage of all the birthday club offers I sign us up for Red Robin, Cold Stone, Arbys, and Baskin Robins all give you free stuff for your birthday. And because Mike and my birthdays are only one week apart...yes Mikes birthday is next Friday, it makes it really fun because we can go out for free. Good we can go to Red Robin and each get a free Burger and then go to Cold Stone and each get a free signature creation. I am very excited!!!!!

So we arrived here last Wednesday (so we have been here for about a week and a half) and then we just got Internet a few days ago. It has been a long week and a half. It feels like a lot more. But, we got her safe and sound. And hopefully within the next 2 weeks I can have everything unpacked and we can have a couch. Right now we are living without a couch...we are using camping chairs. LOL. But, I want to get a good deal and something that I actually like. I haven't ever had a new couch before. In the past they have all been given to us. So, I am very excited to get one that is NEW!!!!! We did however get a washer and dryer and a microwave. Wow!!!! It is great. Our apartment feels huge to me....of course that might have something to do with the fact that our last apartment couldn't have been more than 700 sq. ft. and this one is somewhere between 1000-1100 sq. ft. and is less than half the price we were paying before. I like our apartment a lot (except for the kitchen which has hardly any storage...but it does have a dishwasher which is so wonderful I can't even put my joy about that into words). However, moving to the south bring a whole new problem....La Cucaracha or in other words the cockroach!!!!! Oh my goodness they are so gross and I don't know how you can ever get use to them. Seriously the scare me to death...I actually cried when I saw one of them. Really I am that scared. But, I am really working on it. In my mind I tell myself (so if I am wrong please let me stay diluted because I need some kind of hope to an end) that soon they will be out of my house and I will only see them once and a while if the door gets left open for to long.

Well, I really hope that I can get back in the swing of things soon. And be posting more regularly too.


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to the best little sister a girl could ask for! Love you!!!

Stacy & Mark said...

Happy Birthday!!! I turned 29 earlier this year...I think getting close to 30 is like turning 20 all over again, except I have a decade of life behind me, much more happy with a hubby and kids!
I hope you have an awesome day...sounds like you have set yourselves up for lots of freebies! and for Mike too...two birthdays in a row can just keep the celebrating going on all week!!

ps, I love the FHE blog, I use it every week for lessons and we invite another family from the ward over, since we have only been in the ward since may and still trying to get to know has worked out so nicely! Thanks a bunch.

meg 'n' rich said...

happy belated birthday!! Sounds like you had a good one. sorry I was a little late!

Sasha said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you have cockroaches! We had them in Vegas when we lived by golf greens & I want you to know something when you get the guts to kill them they almost always run towards you! So be ready to run for your life!!!
Hope your crepes were YUMMY!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday!

Oh, you are going to turn into the best cockroach killer mom there is! When I first moved to the South I literally had nightmares about them for weeks, but I got over it. Practice makes perfect!

Congrats on the move! You did it!

Bobbie said...

ha haahah the cockroach thing made me laugh.. they are heaps in australia.. so we arent scared of them :) just squash em, spray em.. my kids kill them and then flush them down the toilet!! I get them to do it.. so get your daughter to do it...

I am 29 too!! but I am 30 before you!! hope you have a great birthday

Kristine said...

Happy belated birthday Natalie! I forget how young you are. :P I hope you're able to adjust to your new surroundings... change is never easy but I'm sure you'll grow to love it there. The bugs sound really awful, though. We've been introduced to many strange ones out here as well... there's something about the south I guess.