Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Nicole!!!!

Well, today is my beautiful sister Nicole's 30th birthday!!!!! And I wanted to let everyone know just what a great sister she is. So, here is a list of 30 things that I love about her.

1. She is 13 months and 13 days older than me.
2. She is a great Mom.
3. She is always the first person I want to call when something happens big or small.
4. She is one of my biggest supporters.
5. She talks me down from stupidity.
6. She is a great listener.
7. She is my best friend.
8. She just gets me.
9. We have inside jokes that no one else could ever possible get.
10. She is the only other person I know that will burst into song when answering questions.
11. She introduced me to Twilight.
12. I can tell her things that I would never admit to anyone else.
13. She is very creative.
14. She is one of the most talented people I know.
15. She has a beautiful singing voice.
16. If she leaves herself a message on her own phone, when she listens to the message later she thinks it is from me.
17. She is beautiful.
18. She is very kind and would just die inside if she ever thought that she hurt your feelings (even if you deserved it.)
19. I know that she will always tell me the truth if I ask her to.
20. She is smart.
21. On my last birthday when I was really homesick and down she sent me a bouquet of chocolate dipped strawberries to cheer me up.
22. She has an amazing heart and is very generous with her time, talents, and self.
23. She will talk on the phone with me for hours and help me get my house work done over the phone.
24. She has a lot of self confidence and has no fear in starting new projects and trying new things.
25. We never run out of things to talk to.
26. Even when I talk to her every day I miss her like crazy.
27. When she tells me stories I always know how she will have reacted to a situation because I would have reacted in the exact same way.
28. Neither of us can keep a surprise very well (we use to tell each other what we were getting for Christmas because we just couldn't keep it to ourselves).
29. She let me beat her number of my space friends.
30. She really is one of the best people I know and I love her very much!!!!!!

Nicole, if you are reading this I love you...and I really hope that you are having a wonderful birthday.

And for all of you that aren't Nicole that are reading this, please do me a favor and pop over to her blog really quick and wish her a happy birthday...even if you haven't met her.


Nicole said...

Janelle says i am pretty because I have a feminine sized head......I think it is just cause I am hot! LOL

I love you. You really are the best. We must chat. Call me....or I will call you, but I miss you.

Lisa R.D. said...

What a great tribute for a great woman... I worked with Nicole on the Breastfeeding Cafe and got to see so many of her great attributes. I was glad to learn a few new things about her from your post--you are lucky she's your sis!

Erika said...

What a sweet post. :) Happy birthday to your sister! Oh, and I love Twilight too. :)

Shannon&Eli said...

what a great tribute! Nicole is one great woman, and her daughters are very lucky!!!

Dana said...

Happy Birthday. Your sister obviously love you to pieces. :)

As for the video entry for the quilt giveaway, I'm sure you can figure something out creative! Please??? It would be soooooo cool! Especially if you were the only one because you KNOW that I'll then put each video on my site!!!

Mandy said...

You really have a great sister.

Your last comment on my blog made my day. Thanks. And the reunion tonight really was a blast! Good luck with the move!