Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our week!!!

Well, we have had a good week. My favorite part is Juliana's new hair cut!!!! I just love it. And she seems to really like it too. In fact she wants to show it off to everyone. This morning she asked me if she could go to Daddy's work and show the "ladies" her new hair. It is a lot of fun and no work at all for me. So, what more could I ask for.
I am just amazed at how old she looks in this picture. Wow, she really is growing up.
This is the view from the back, she has a little part of her hair that flips up and it looks oh so cute.

Doesn't she look happy...I think it is because I was letting her wast time instead of getting ready for bed. LOL.
Is is pre-hair cut...she went over to her friends house last Friday for a little "swimming". It looks like they are having a tea party in the pool.
She really had a good time despite the cool temp of the pool.
This is Juliana's plant that she planted at school last Friday. She is very proud of it. It is wheat...well wheat grass I guess. It was so easy and she is just so proud that it makes me want to do more stuff like this with her. She beams each time she sees it and every morning she asks me if she can see it.
It really is getting tall. I don't know what I am going to do with it soon. Any suggestions???
We hope that all of you had a great week too.


Shafer and Lindsey said...

That is a super cute hair cut, she looks just like you! Good luck with the move coming up, it can be interesting keeping kids entertained for a long drive. We brought a bag full of toys, books, and activities to pull out, the key is to ration them so they don't get bored with things too quickly. In between toys make sure to have lots of food!! And, if it's horrible, just remember that it will be over soon! Good luck!

Erika said...

Cute hair cut! It looks a little like my girl's hair cut. :) What a good idea to grow something. I should try that...

Stacy & Mark said...

Looks like so much fun, what a cutie! I LOVE the new cut, very very fun, and makes her look a year older!!
And what fun for her to grow something, what a doll she is.

meg & rich said...

hey! this may be too little too late, but I've grown wheat grass with my kids before. Their favorite part about it is that they can give it "hair cuts". It will just keep growing and growing like the stuff outside, so i give my kids some kid scissors, and let the "give it a trim" once a week or so. They love it.

ohmylanta said...


I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I'm not keeping up on it real well but I was excited to hear from you. I noticed that you are moving - where too? Julliana is such a cutie - she looks just like you. I'll swing by as often as my computer will allow - thanks for keeping in touch.


Kendra said...

Cute hair! Pretty close to yours I would say. I wanna see it in person. Haven't seen you for a while since we are immersed in baseball. Let's get together SOON!