Monday, January 21, 2008


OK, so in he last few months I feel like everyone has popped up with blogs. And I tried this blogging thing over a year ago probably more like two and it didn't seem to stick...I had a hard time keeping up and I felt like I was the only one reading it...(Well, I think that my friend Natalie would read it too.) So I kind of felt like what is the point. But, now everyone is starting up these darling blogs and I am getting blog envy. I mean how do you all do it? How do you have things to say? I feel that I must be leading the most boring life in the whole world because who wants to hear about trips to the library and grocery shopping and all of my school work mixed in. But, despite the skepticism that I am feeling over starting this little blog of mine, I am going to try it our and just see how it goes. I can't promise anything big or spectacular. I am not a good photographer and I don't have a good camera so this is just going to be plain... I hope not boring but I can't promise that so here it goes. On to my next post!!!!